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High powered 'Strategic Detailing' workshop with architecture expert from London

Michael Corr, Director of Pie Architecture Ltd, London holds extensive sessions with MIDAS (MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi) students

~ The workshop is part of MIDAS pedagogy that includes extensive projects, expert lectures and educational tours for real-time industry exposure ~

~MIDAS plans to have a speaker of international repute every month. Dr Martin Hook from RMIT, Melbourne is visiting in September 2013~

~MIDAS has built a reputation for niche architectural education in a Future Built environment ~

Chennai, July 25, 2013  – MIDAS , a niche institution for architecture education organized a 9 day design workshop with renowned architect Michael Corr, Director of Pie Architecture Ltd, London from 17th - 24th July 2013 at its campus. This workshop aimed at introducing MIDAS students to a wide range of international architecture and techniques during a week-long intensive studio, facilitated by Michael Corr, an internationally recognized architect and Director of Pie Architecture, London has extensive experience in delivering & building, public realms and urban design projects that have been widely published in UK and Europe. He has delivered lectures at numerous prestigious institutes across Europe.

This high-powered workshop titled 'Strategic Detailing' examined a range of scales - City scale, District Scale, Public Space Scale and Building Scale. The workshop produced work at each of the scales and finalized a proposal to participate in the prestigious Annual National Design Competition (ANDC) .

Reminiscing on his experience at MIDAS, Michael Corr says "I was delighted to be invited to undertake a workshop at MIDAS. I met Prof. Jaffer Khan at an architecture conference in Ghent, Belgium and I think that the plans for the future of the MIDAS are very exciting. I have lectured around the world in the UK, Finland, Palestine and Australia and I think that the MIDAS students stand out in terms of their passion about architecture and openness to new ideas. As a result of the workshop I look forward to establishing a partnership between my university (London Metropolitan University) and MIDAS."

The workshop culminated on the 24th July 2013 with an exhibition that showcased student works in the studio.Certificates were issued as part of the valedictory programme .

MIDAS students who are gearing-up for ANDC will find this workshop useful to understand the context of the competition and develop proposals. A few of the MIDAS students of expresses their views on the workshop.

Student speak

Swetha Ramesh - "If I were to describe this workshop in a word, it would be 'adventure'. The adventure of the creative and inquisitive mind; delving into a much deeper understanding of Architecture and Planning. It gave me a fresh perspective of Namma Chennai which I felt familiar with until he (Michael) showed it to me through an entirely new lens."

Jeyashri Chandrasekaran- "What I absorbed from this seven day intensive architectural experience was the principle concept that a variety of meanings and interpretations can be derived from single elements.The workshop gave me a new set of ideas in presentation techniques that would surely help me and my college in future competitive events.""

Prasanna Gopal- "Given the responsibility of spearheading the college in various external competitions, this workshop came as a serendipitous opportunity to obtain professional advice from Professor Michael Corr on team work, organization and methodology. The concepts given to us kindled our spirits of innovation as we understood more complex topics in design."

Vijay Rathod- "I looked forward to every new day in the workshop and & I especially appreciated Prof. Corr's discourses on work ethics, time management and clean working areas. Organization and presentation were the subjects that left an indelible impression on me."

Varun Venu-"Professor Michael Corr broadened my horizon by bringing international standards and perspective to our school. I particularly enjoyed his examples of architectural works in London inspiring me with a plethora of new ideas and concepts. He slowly unravelled to us higher intellections of Architecture and seemingly abstract concepts were made definitive, uplifting our understanding of various topics."

Speaking on the success of this workshop, Prof. Jaffer Khan, RIBA, RAIA, FRSA, Director, MIDAS said, "This Strategic Design Workshop has exposed our students to architecture from a global perspective. The workshop is a booster seminar which will kick-start the semester design programs and will help students to relate their projects with context and the city. MIDAS plans to conduct more workshops to raise the standard of Indian architectural education and aims at becoming the best architecture school in Asia by 2020 ".

MIDAS plans to have eminent speakers in the architecture domain very month. In August 2013, MIDAS will have Mr Prem Chandavarkar of CnT Architects and in Dr Martin Hook from RMIT Melbourne Australia for the month of September. MIDAS's iconic TRIKONA, an annual exhibition of student works on the theme "Culture and Architecture" is scheduled for October 2013.

GRK Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, MARG Group who envisioned MIDAS and is a big proponent of industry led learning, says "Architecture is all about nature of buildings, spaces, landscapes and innovation that play a critical role in shaping behavior, expressions and communication. I am happy that students at MIDAS are getting a truly global perspective on architecture through world renowned architects like Michael Corr and such experiences will go a long way in shaping their mindsets towards innovative creativity with a balanced mix of technology and aesthetics".